Dreamspinner and Other Projects

I have been a fan of Dreamspinner (DSP) releases for some time. When I saw the call for submissions for their annual Holiday advent series, I set my other projects aside and spent all of June weaving a tale of Holiday magic and mayhem.  Bugging Nephi — one of best friends/editor/number one beta reader for daily feedback, both or us felt good about the final submission.

So when I got the email that they wanted to use my submission for the advent, and a stand alone novella, we were thrilled! It’s been a fun process working with the folks at DSP, and seeing the occasional “LOL” noted among the edits. I’m looking forward to sharing more about the project as the release date gets closer.

In the meantime I am still hard at work completing “Miss Jenny” the first of the witch stories I will be releasing over the coming year. After Miss Jenny is in the editing process I will be back to work on Last Romance, which will make several impatient beta readers very happy.

December Release

This December a piece I wrote will be part of a holiday anthology. I will post information about it as I am able. I was very happy to have my piece selected, especially as I wrote it specifically to submit to this project, and because it’s with a publisher I have long admired. Hope to have more to report soon!