Housewife Audiobook Now Available!

The new audiobook is out! I am honored to have Laura Wilson narrate Jess’ story. We auditioned a number of folks, and when I heard Laura I knew immediately she was the one!I’m really proud to have this book out in audio and thank you to my friend and partner Nephi Ferguson who handled the process!

To celebrate, here is an giveaway of three eBook copies. Check it out and enter here:

How an Abused Housewife Murdered Her Cheating Husband & Met the Man of Her Dreams
By: Matt Burlingame
Narrated by: Laura Wilson
Length: 4 hrs and 38 mins
Unabridged Audiobook
Release date: 10-05-18
Language: English
Publisher: Matt Burlingame

Jessica Kenner knew her 11-year marriage was far from perfect. But through it all, she had always felt that she and her husband, Charley, were a team. Until the day she found out about Betty, Charley’s mistress. That was the day she made Charley pay for every lie and every rotten, underhanded, abusive thing he had ever done to her. But even lying dead on the basement floor, Charley was still a thorn in her side. A bottle of vodka, a quality set of carving knives, and 24 hours later the only question left was… what to do with his head?

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