In Progress

With a busy mind constantly churning out ideas for stories, Matt always has a wide variety of projects going at the same time. Here’s what’s in the works:

  • The 13 Witches: Jenny – A series of 13 fantasy novellas weaving tales of enchantment, mystery and even danger. In book one Marie discovers her aunt’s employer is not only a reclusive shut in, but is responsible for a magical mishap trapping an entire town in the past. (Current word count: 30,000)
  • Last Romance – Garrett Gilmore has spent his adult life making his job the central focus of his life. After being diagnosed with stage four cancer, he hires handsome local actor Justin to help him experience the one thing he missed out on: a whirlwind romance. But as they grow closer, Justin may find he doesn’t need to act the part of the devoted boyfriend as he begins to question if his feelings are becoming real. (Current word count: 90,000)
  • House Arrest – A small southern town is rocked when their golden boy, Blake Britton, goes one a drunken crime spree. Placed on house arrest, Blake’s only contact with the outside world is the sexy Deputy James Farrell. Their attraction is instant. As Deputy James finds his interest in Blake becoming more than just a weekly check in, he soon realizes there is more to his crime spree than meets the eye. Teaming with his former police partner, they uncover a small town conspiracy someone is willing to kill to protect. (Current word count: 37,000)
  • Blood Heir – Psychologist Allen Ferguson finds himself in the middle of a twisted family controversy when he tries to help his best friend Benjamin Layton deal with repressed memories that surface after the death of his tyrannical 1%er father. What at first seems like an extreme case of child abuse and a family that will do literally anything to avoid controversy quickly turns into a supernatural thriller as he finds the dark secrets this family is trying to hide may be linked to real demons. Ones that will stop at nothing to ensure their survival. (Current word count: 60,000)

Spec covers for other stories in the works: